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Documenting India: a country that defies description

It has been the subject of religious pilgrimages, Western humanitarian documentaries and ruthless colonialism. It’s also a country known for its vibrant culture, its exhilarating Bollywood films and its rich and complex cuisine. This winter, I had the opportunity to travel throughout India, the world’s second most populous country. As we emerged out of Indira Gandhi International Airport and crept through the early New Delhi morning, the air smelt burnt and crisp, like it was on fire. Passing through the city, the stillness of the lights smeared by smog, it felt almost apocalyptic, like the end of the world had arrived and I was but a passenger inside its final moments.

I had been to China a few years earlier, so I knew the pollution would probably be similar to what I had encountered in Beijing. Aside from this, however, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nothing in life thrills me more than traveling and before I go to a country, I prepare myself by banishing my preconceptions and thinki…

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