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NYC Serbians Disconnected From Political Protests, Media Censorship Back Home

While media freedom continues to decline in Serbia, many members of the Serbian diaspora in New York and other American cities are not speaking out against it, mainly because of detachment from their native country, exacerbated by a lack of Serbian news outlets here to keep them informed on what’s happening back home, experts and analysts say.

“Unlike Serbs in some other diasporas, most notably in the Czech Republic or in England, Serbs in New York didn’t organize a public protest or movement against the current government,” Marija Šajkaš, a writer and political analyst from Belgrade who now lives in New York, says in an email. “Some of the reasons might be a relative distance to the home country as well as an absence of Serbian language media in New York.”

Instead, international media organizations are at the forefront of educating the diaspora about the repeated attacks by the government against Serbian journalists. Reporters in Serbia often face attacks and smears from politicians as…

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