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East Flatbush Infants Are Six Times More Likely To Die Than Those From Upper East Side – Local Moms Are Working To Change That

Danni Ai dug feverishly with her bare hands through a barrel of medical waste in a restricted part of the hospital. She had just given birth, her daughter was dead and medical personnel had accidentally discarded what remained of the fetus. “I was really upset that they had lost her and I was digging through the barrel, “ said Ai, a native of the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  “The hospital employee said not to do it because it could hurt me. I just told him to get me some gloves and I found her body, because she had markings that I could identify.”
Her child had been diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome and had accumulated a large amount of water around the heart and lungs. Her chances of survival were around 20 percent, according to Ai. She chose to go ahead and have the baby, regardless of the news she kept hearing from the doctors.
Ai, who serves as director of marketing and events at The Baby Resource Center, is part of a small but determined group of women intent on making a difference …

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